About ISZE

Our association has been established voluntarily by its members, operates as a non-profit organization, has a self-government and is a national legal entity.

Our aims:

  • Teaching information technology;
  • Professional development of informatics training, related scientific activity and research;
  • Raising awareness about informatics;
  • Safeguarding of teachers’ and the profession’s interests;
  • Facilitating the exchange of information between teaching institutions;
  • Facilitating the exchange of information between education and the business sector,
  • Providing information to and facilitating the exchange of experience of professionals working in the field

Our activities:

1.In the field of education, skill development and dissemination of general knowledge

  • Organizing events (lectures, conferences), producing and distributing brochures and advertisements for these;
  • Devising and launching accredited in-service training for adults;
  • Publishing and sale of curricula, syllabi, books, notes, VHS films, digital training materials, tutorial programs and distant learning materials relating to teaching;
  • Collecting, preparing, editing, providing and trading other teaching and demonstrative materials;
  • Operating a counselling service in the teaching institutions in order to develop the necessary conditions for the exchange of information and communication;
  • Disseminating IT knowledge, publishing professional, methodological journals;
  • Organizing IT competitions for students, elaborating and evaluating the task sheets to be used;
  • Safeguarding the interests of the participants in IT teaching;
  • Organizing forums, conducting surveys, publishing and distributing informative brochures;
  • Correspondence and cooperation with the Hungarian and foreign professional and interest safeguarding bodies concerned in teaching;
  • Devising and operating the computer system necessary for keeping a record of teaching activities and materials;
  • Inviting tenders for devising teaching materials, assistance in the system of courses and obtaining benefits
  • Participating in the composition of the principles and system of teacher in-service training, and in its execution;
  • Guaranteeing the standard of school education and teacher in-service training, working out and recommending further requirements in order to improve the standard, conducting surveys;
  • Collecting, devising and distributing teaching methodological materials

The training system of our organization

We have been organizing courses since 1997. From 1997 to 2008 our courses were attended by 58 000 teachers at 1700 different venues throughout the country. More than 300 teachers are qualified in informatics teaching specialists.

Our training programmes have been devised based on the needs of schools. Following the preparation satisfying the requirements of accreditation, the courses are held by the IT teachers of the respective schools, on the premises, which is

  • practical: the training meets local requirements, adjusting time is easier, substitution is not a problem, and the students do not have to commute.
  • economical: as a non-profit organization – in accordance with the tax laws – we provide our services at a low price. We spend 88% of government subsidies on the fee of the course and the rent of the rooms, therefore this money gets back to the schools. The remaining 12% of the income covers the activities of the association.
  • reliable: our accredited courses satisfy government regulations
  • flexible: our course modules are built on each other, enabling participants to join and close the courses at different levels.